Invictus Defense Training LLC.

Michael Chisolm/Owner
USCCA Certified Firearm Instructor
Owning a firearm is about taking personal responsibility for our safety and our families safety. Being educated to do so starts here.

My name is Michael Chisolm I am the owner/instructor of Invictus Defense Training. I have experience as a range safety officer. I am Certified by the USCCA as a firearm instructor. 
I have a passion for Basic Shooting Fundamentals along with developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan and teaching what I have learned and sharing that knowledge with others to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

Shooting Fundamentals $119.00 per Individual/ $149.00 Private Lesson

3 hours of classroom training 1 hour of Live Fire on Range Curriculum: Muscle Memory Explained Proper Grip Stance or Shooting Platform Sighted Fire Point Shooting Flash Sight Picture Trigger Control

Personal & Home Protection Plan $119.00 per Individual/ $149.00 Private Lesson

3 hours class room training Curriculum: How Common is Violent Crime in the U.S. Why is Conflict Avoidance so Important Situational Awareness Observing our Environment Planning for Home Security Live Fire Range

Mini Classes $45.00/ $75.00 Private Lesson

We also offer 1 hr mini classes. Contact for details.

  • Floyds Knobs, Indiana, United States